Monday, July 23, 2012


Rava/Semolina-1 cup
Yogurt/curd-6-8 tblsp.
Baking powder-1 1/2 tsp.
Salt-to taste
Carrot puree-2 tblsp.
Spinach paste-1-2 tblsp.
Vegetables-Carrot, peas, tomato etc.


1.Add little water to yogurt and beat well till there are no lumps left. Add this yogurt solution to semolina/rava and make a batter whith is neither too thick nor too thin adding more water if required.(don't add much water,add puree later on)

2.Add salt and baking powder and mix till well combined and divide in 3 seperate bowls with 1 bowl having 2/3 and the other 2 having 1/3 of the batter i.e. 1 bowl should have more batter than the other two.

3.With the bowl having more batter(2/3), add 2 more tblsp. of yogurt and mix well.

4.Add the spinach puree and carrot puree to the other two bowls till you get the desired colour and mix well. Make sure all the batters are of same consistency.

5.Cut veggies very finely in desired shapes and forms and place them in the greased idli mould. I made a smiley, soccer ball and star shape, be creative and use what your kids love. And pour the yogurt batter(plain coloured over them) and place them in the idli stand and then prepapare the tricolour idli.

6.Pour 1/2 tsp. of batter side by side from each batter i.e. plain, spinach(green) and carrot(orange) batter till you get the tricolour effect and keep dong it in the rest of the idli moulds untill all the batter is over. Alternatively, you can make 3 colours seperately and join them with a toothpick.

7.Put the idli mould on the stand and put it in an idli steamer already with water boiling in it.Place a tight lid and steam for about 15 minutes.

8.Wait for 5-10 minutes after switching off flame, before lifting the lid as it would be easier to get the idlis out of their mould this way. Wet spoon and scoop out the idlis.

Serve hot with tomato ketchup or green chutney. Your kidz will absolutely adore your creation. Share your ideas and photos too.


1.Other natural colours that you can use is purple from beetroot(steam and puree), pinkish-red from tomato puree, yellow colour from turmeric(but idnt knw about how it would taste), yellowish-orange from saffron(soak in milk).

2.Make sure that your batter is not too thick otherwise you will have hard rava idlis.

3.You can do this with the normal idli batter, the one with raw rice and urad dal.

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